1st Grade Farm
British White Cattle Breeders

Active member and advertising supporter of the British White Cattle Association of America, LTD. 

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Stuart T. & Wanda R.

1st Grade Farm
 1032 Five Forks Road
Louisa, KY 41230

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  These girls began our 2006 class of British White calves at 1st Grade Farm near Louisa, Ky.  
Having acquired some of our own in recent years, it is easy to understand why British White cattle owners around the world love them so much.  Sharing the land with these beautiful animals is a truly peaceful, pleasant experience.

 While this rare, ancient breed possesses a multitude of positive economic qualities, such as fertility, efficiency, disease resistance, and both high-yielding as well as high-quality beef, the trait we find most appealing is their gentle nature.

 The British White Cattle Association of America is a good place to begin researching the cattle for you.  Whether for purebred or crossbreeding purposes, we are confident you’ll want to consider putting them to work on your land, also.