1st Grade Farm                British White Breeders in Louisa, KY
 White Knight Frosty (A*) with her new daughter Hazel.  Oct. 2006 Abbey & Chelsea pretending to be twins.  May 2006 Abbey & Chelsea our first pure bred British White calves.
Beautiful Ky sky, cattle begging on Christmas Day, 2006 Monty, as a yearling here in late 2005, the herd sire of our 2007 & 2008 calves
Nova Vergie, whom we call Granny, is the matriarch of multiple generations of 1st grade females retained in our herd.  Nearing retirement at age 16 pictured here in Oct. 2006 with her new full blood daughter Rosie Rusty, the King Lear son, and a future herd sire prospect. Notice how the British White genetics overpowered the the other genes.  Nov.2006


A few "spooks" haunting the pasture fields here in Kentucky.  The killing frosts just before Halloween really enhance the sweetness of the grass.  November 2006   More night time frolicking in the field
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